Amenities Matter When Choosing a Chicago Home – Theaters, Too

There are plenty of Chicago neighborhoods blessed with world-class amenities. Look at such popular communities such as Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, Ravenswood and Streeterville: They’re filled with restaurants, bars and shops.

These amenities all attract buyers to these neighborhoods, a positive if you happen to own a condo or single-family home in one of these busy Chicago communities and you’re ready to sell.

But there is one amenity that Chicago buyers might not pay much attention to: theaters.

In Chicago, though, theaters – both large and small – are a big deal. They bring visitors to a neighborhood. They generate revenue. And they boost Chicago’s reputation as a world-class city.

That’s why a recent Chicago Tribune story isn’t surprising. The story focuses on the value that community and nationally renowned theaters bring to Chicago neighborhoods. And the takeaway? Sure, theaters probably aren’t the first amenities that buyers look for when choosing a neighborhood. Schools probably top that list for many buyers.

But theaters do add to the vibrancy of many Chicago neighborhoods. Think of the many times you’ve seen lines of people snaking down city blocks all waiting for the chance to see a well-reviewed play. This matters to neighborhoods. It makes them more inviting, and encourages buyers to consider them when looking for a Chicago condo or single-family home.

If you are considering selling your own home, and there’s a theater building nearby? That’s just one more positive you and your REALTOR® can play up when promoting your residence.

Of course, you and your REALTOR® will play up all the amenities surrounding your Chicago condo or single-family home, whether it’s a nearby park, highly-regarded schools, gourmet restaurants or eclectic shops. Anything that tells buyers that your condo or single-family residence sits in the middle of a desirable neighborhood is a benefit when you are selling.