Arguments? They’re Not Rare During the House-Hunting Process

If you and your partner are searching for a home, the odds are high that you’re both a bit uptight. And they’re even higher that you’re arguing.


Buying a home still represents the American Dream for a large number of people. But it’s also an undeniably stressful process. That’s why it’s no surprise that a recent Chicago Tribune story reported that a whopping 60 percent of Millennial and Gen X couples shopping for a house argue during the process.


Why wouldn’t this be the case? There are a lot of things to argue about. You might prefer a busy, active neighborhood while your partner is dreaming of a quiet cul-de-sac. You might want a vintage home while you partner is craving a modern condominium.


The key is to make sure these arguments don’t derail your home search or, even worse, damage your relationships.

It’s important to realize that disagreements will come up with your search for a Chicago condo or single-family home. Buying is just too big and important of a purchase.


That’s why you and your partner must have long talks before you start your home search to identify what matters most to each of you. Create a list of neighborhood and home features that each of you must have, and those that aren’t quite as important. Then get to compromising. It’s unlikely that any buyer will get exactly everything that he or she desires when shopping for a home. But by having a list of important wants and needs, you can boost the odds that you’ll find a home that satisfies both you and your partner.


And when the inevitable argument does pop up? Don’t be surprised. The increased stress of searching for a home and applying for mortgage financing can put a strain on even the most relaxed of couples. Just remember that if you work together, discuss instead of argue and keep each other’s needs in mind, you’ll greatly increase your chances of finding that Chicago home that is a dream for both of you.