Can Virtual Staging Help Sell Your Chicago Condo or Single-Family Home?

You should already know how important staging is to help sell your home. By removing unnecessary furniture, rearranging artwork and mementos and re-arranging entire rooms, professional stagers can make your home appear bright, spacious and welcoming.


But what if the home you are trying to sell is vacant? It’s hard to make a home feel warm and inviting when it has no furniture.


Fortunately, there’s a new trick that can help: virtual staging.


The Chicago Tribune recently ran a feature story on the impact that this type of online staging can have on home sales.


The story looks at the work being done by VHT Studios, which, since 2009, has provided virtual staging, inserting furniture, artwork and other home-decor items into the listing photos of homes that, in reality, are vacant. The goal is to show potential buyers who find these homes online just how warm and inviting the space can be.


This is an important service for vacant homes. The majority of buyers will first view photos of a home online. No matter how skilled the photographer, it’s a challenge to make a vacant home look aesthetically pleasing. All that empty space looks cold.


By adding beds, dressers, kitchen tables and artwork, virtual stagers can entice potential buyers with inviting photos.


The Tribune story add, though, that virtual stagers aren’t always called on to fill in empty rooms. Sometimes REALTORS® ask them to redo the photos of furnished room to make them look less cluttered. Other times they’ll ask these online stagers to remove existing furniture and replace it with smaller items that will make a space appear larger.


Virtual staging can help bring potential buyers to your home. But these online photos, while extremely important, won’t help you close the sale once the buyers show up.  You’ll still need to decorate your home tastefully, clean it before every showing, remove extra furniture and, most importantly of all, price it right. Work with your REALTOR® to investigate all the tools available to help move your home for the right price.