Holding your best possible open house

There are plenty of tools you and your REALTOR® will use to help sell your home. One of these might be the traditional open house, a day set aside to let potential buyers tour your property.


Open houses don’t always land you a buyer. But they can build excitement about your property among REALTORS®. A REALTOR® attending your open house might find that it’s the perfect space for one of his or her clients. That could lead to a future sale.


So how do you make sure your open house is as successful as possible? The real estate website HouseLogic recently ran a useful feature story providing tips to homeowners on how to hold the best possible open house. It’s definitely worth a read.


First, make sure your home is as clean as possible. Buyers will notice anything that’s amiss, and it will leave them with a negative impression. You want potential buyers to focus on your home’s space, modern kitchen, large bathrooms or spacious backyard, not the dirty sink or carpets.


Make sure, too, that your home smells fresh. If you have pets, make sure to get your home professionally cleaned to remove the smell. And make sure, too, that the pets aren’t home during your open house. Foul odors will turn off buyers and ruin your open house.


You should also remove as many personal items – such as family pictures or memorabilia – as possible. You want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. That’s not easy to do when your home is filled with personal mementos.


And finally? Make sure you’re not at the open house. Let your REALTOR® run your open house. Buyers will feel nervous if you’re hanging around. They also might be afraid to ask honest questions about your home’s features.


Open houses aren’t the be-all tool to selling your home. But they are one tool, and you can take the greatest advantage of it by following the above tips.