Own a Piece of Cubs’ History? Pitcher’s Lakeview Home is on the Market

Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta might be leaving the team as free agency beckons. And his house near Wrigley Field? That just went on the market, too.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the home Arrieta and his family had rented was listed last week with an asking price of $1.799 million.

The home isn’t a modest one. It includes six bedrooms and 5,110 square feet, and was newly built in 2015. The home sits in the Graceland West neighborhood of Lakeview. The Tribune says that it is just a block from the five-bedroom, 7,000-square-foot home that fellow Cubs pitcher Jon Lester bought in 2014 for a whopping $3.7 million.

Interested in snatching up Arrieta’s former home? It does sit on an extra-wide 30-foot lot, according to the Tribune. It also has not one but two laundry rooms, radiant floor heating, a garage roof deck and a stone patio in its rear with a fireplace.

Arrieta’s former home is far from the only million-dollar-plus property to hit the Chicago housing market in recent months. The city’s high-end real estate market has seen several homes with far bigger price tags go for sale, some with prices of $5 million or more.

The market for these homes is limited, of course. And most of the readers of this blog will never plunk down millions of dollars for a Chicago condo or single-family home. But the fact that multi-million-dollar homes are hitting the market in steady numbers is actually good news for anyone preparing to sell a Chicago condo or single-family home.

The fact that these owners are confident enough to list their homes should make you feel confident, too, as you prepare your own Chicago home for sale. By working with a REALTOR® who knows your city neighborhood, the odds are good, if you set the right asking price, that you’ll be successful in moving your Chicago home, too.