Ready to Sell in 2018? Here Are Some Great Tips

Want to sell your home this year? Want to do everything you can to boost its value before listing? Check out this recent story by Realty Times. It provides a nice list of steps owners can take to boost the value of their homes.

Best of all? You don’t have to spend too much money to tackle most of these improvements.

For instance, the story’s top tip is to refresh the exterior of your home. This makes sense: Possible buyers get an immediate impression when they drive up to your home. It doesn’t matter how nice your residence’s interior is if your front yard is filled with weeds and the lawn is overgrown. You’ll provide an immediate negative first impression that might cause some buyers to simply walk away without entering your home.

Fortunately, breathing new life into your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be difficult. It could be as simple as a day of weeding. You might paint your porch railings, wash your windows or add some pots filled with fresh flowers to your front walk. Do whatever you can to your home’s outside to make it warm and inviting to possible buyers.

Many of the other tips in the Realty Times story are affordable, too. The story recommends that you remove as much furniture and personal items as possible to give your rooms an airy, clean feel. It also recommends that you provide fresh coats of paint to drab areas.

If your kitchen looks gloomy, the story says, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to rework it. Instead, invest far less in new fixtures, paint and décor. The same can be said of what is often the second-most important space to buyers, your bathrooms. You don’t have to gut renovate your existing bathrooms. Again, you can add new fixtures, install a new sink and replace an old toilet. Whatever you can do to turn your bathrooms into bright, inviting space – do it.