Spring Selling Season Looks to be Especially Hot in Chicago this Year

The Chicago winter was an unseasonably mild one. And now spring is right around the corner. Traditionally, the warmer weather brings a jump in the sales of condominiums and single-family homes in the Chicago market. And this year? The spring home-selling season looks to be an exceptionally hot one in in the Chicago housing market.

The Chicago Tribune earlier this year ran a feature story looking at how busy this spring selling season might be. The summary? Expect a lot of sales as the temperatures continue to rise.

But just because the spring looks to be a busy one, doesn’t mean that selling your Chicago condo or single-family home will be a simple task. You’ll still have to work to move that home.

This means working with a REALTOR® who knows your neighborhood. This pro can help you prepare your home for sale, recommending fixes, repairs and touch-ups that can make your home sell faster. A REALTOR® can also help you stage your home, removing excess furniture and clutter, to make your residence look its absolute best.

A REALTOR® is indispensable when it comes to marketing your home, too. REALTORS® can help you reach the deepest pool of possible buyers for your property. The greater your efforts to spread the word about your home, the more likely you’ll be to nab a top sales price.

Just as importantly, a REALTOR® can help you set the right asking price. You don’t want to under-value your home. That could leave you with less profit than you might otherwise have earned. But over-pricing your Chicago condo or single-family home is also a bad move. If you price your residence too high for the market, you won’t receive the offers you need. Instead, your home will sit on the market until you eventually lower the price to a level that fits in today’s housing market.

Spring is an exciting time in the Chicago housing market. And I do expect this to be a busy season throughout the city. If you’re ready about selling your home, now is the time to get serious.