What are high-end homeowners looking for today?

Sometimes it’s interesting to see what the wealthiest of homebuyers are looking for in their residences. Even if you’re not ready to purchase a home costing $2 million or more, you might discover some new housing trends by studying the wish lists of higher-end buyers.

REALTOR(R) magazine recently ran a feature story listing the greatest wants of high-end buyers. According to the story, luxury buyers are most interested in features that provide them with privacy. This isn’t surprising; high-end homes attract plenty of attention. Those living in them, then, will always be focused on privacy.

This translates to a desire for gates, walls and hedges, according to the story.

REALTOR(R) Magazine wrote, too, that high-end buyers are increasingly turning away from large swimming pools and instead are looking for smaller bodies of water on their properties. This includes smaller plunge pools that the story describes as “glorified Jacuzzis.”

Another trend? The story says that high-end buyers are interested in having doubles of everything. The wealthiest of buyers often want two ovens or two stoves in their kitchens. They want two dishwashers and two sets of washers and dryers.

Guest suites have become more important for high-end homeowners, too, according to the REALTOR(R) Magazine story. Luxury owners want their guests to be comfortable in their homes, whether this means a detached space for them to stay or a space within the main home itself.

Many of these amenities might seem out of reach to buyers looking for more modest homes. But the wants of high-end buyers often do seep down to more moderately priced homes.

Just look at how important modern kitchens and bathrooms have become. High-end buyers have long focused on creating the most spacious and pleasing kitchens and baths. Now these rooms are some of the first that buyers look at when touring even modestly priced homes.