Chicago’s housing stock is a particularly diverse one

We frequently praise the diversity of neighborhoods available to buyers looking for a condo or single-family home in Chicago. The city offers neighborhoods that appeal to everyone, from empty nesters to singles to families with young children.

But maybe we should spend more time talking about the diversity of the housing stock in Chicago. No matter your favorite home style – be it modern, old-fashioned bungalow or rugged two-flat – you can find it in Chicago.

A recent story in Chicago Magazine provides a good example. The story focuses on several of the majestic Victorian homes that are for sale either in the city of Chicago itself or in nearby suburbs such as Oak Park.

The Victorians featured in the story are on the market for a wide range of price points. There’s one in Chicago’s Old Irving neighborhood that is listed for $649,000 and one on Logan Blvd. for more than $1 million. There’s even a Victorian in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood that can be had for $160,000. As you can expect for that price, that one’s a fixer-upper.

Maybe you’re not interested in buying a Victorian. Maybe you prefer a more modern home. Or maybe you want a sleek condo unit in the center of downtown Chicago. The good news? You can find just about any type of home in the city if you look hard enough.

You can also find these homes at a variety of price points. Some neighborhoods of Chicago will feature more expensive homes than will others, of course. But there are still communities in which you can find real estate bargains in Chicago.

Our advice remains the same: If you’re ready to buy your dream home – no matter what style that home might be – you need to work with a Chicago REALTOR®. This professional will help you find homes that are priced right and will then help guide you through the negotiation process.