Does Your Chicago Home Boast Low Energy Bills? Don’t Keep it a Secret From Potential Buyers

Want to attract the greatest number of potential buyers to your Chicago home when it’s time to sell? Of course you do. Updated kitchens and bathrooms are great features, and buyers love them. A nicely landscaped backyard is still a draw. But increasingly, buyers are looking for homes that come with low monthly energy bills.

That’s one of the more surprising results from a Demand Institute survey of homeowners. According to a recent feature by REALTOR® Magazine, 71% of polled households said that energy efficiency was “highly important” to them.

Of course, only 35% of households reported that they felt their homes were actually energy efficient.

In fact, the Demand Institute found that energy efficiency was the housing concern that had the largest gap between its importance ranking and its satisfaction ranking. In other words, most homeowners want lower utility bills, and most think that their homes could be far more efficient.

This survey is good news if you are selling a Chicago home that actually is energy efficient. Your low monthly energy bills are one of the most important selling points of your home. Make sure to have your Realtor® input your utility information into the MLS since the MLS now grabs average monthly usage directly from the utility companies as long as your account number is provided.

Include information, too — in your home’s listing, as well — about any energy efficient measures you’ve spent money on since buying your home. If you’ve installed new energy efficient windows, make sure that potential buyers know. If you’ve upgraded to more efficient HVAC systems, don’t keep this a secret.

In today’s competitive housing market, you need every advantage at your disposal to succeed. Selling an energy efficient house is one of the biggest advantages.