Don’t Make these Mistakes When Staging Your Home

There are plenty of important steps to take when selling your home. One of the most important is to stage your home properly, clearing out excess furniture and personal items to make your home look as spacious and airy as possible.

Thing is, plenty of homeowners make some serious mistakes when staging a home. And those staging mistakes can quickly turn off potential buyers, something that you never want to do.

Here, then, are some key tips from when it comes to staging your home:

Put the mousetraps away: No one wants to buy a home that has mice. If you are in the middle of catching one of these critters in your home, make sure to stow the traps until after your potential buyers tour your home. There is absolutely no way that buyers are going to leave your home with a positive impression if they see mousetraps dotting its kitchen and basement.

No politics, please: You might be exceptionally proud of the candidate you’re voting for in the upcoming election. But the buyers touring your home might prefer the other candidate. So put away any signs promoting your favorite. It might sound silly, but anything political has the ability to turn off buyers.

Dead animals not welcome: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some taxidermy. But remember that many buyers won’t like the looks of animal heads hanging on your walls. So before the buyers arrive for a showing, stow the animal heads in storage.

Live animals aren’t great, either: And while we’re talking about animals … Make sure that your dogs or cats are not in the home when buyers are touring. Buyers won’t form a good impression of your home if they hear Fido barking in the basement while they’re touring it. And other buyers might not like, or might be allergic to, your cats. So make the animals disappear when buyers are touring your abode.