Looking for a Great Chicago Neighborhood? How about West Loop?

Chicago has some great neighborhoods, places like Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Streeterville, Roscoe Village and Lincoln Square. The city has so many wonderful communities, in fact, it can be easy to overlook some.


Such is the case with the city’s West Loop neighborhood. But Chicago Magazine writer Joel Reese is helping to remedy this with an interesting feature story on the publication’s website. Reese’s story, a tour of the West Loop, highlights several of the features that make this Chicago neighborhood such an inviting one.


And if you’re considering buying in this part of the city? That’s a smart move. Not only does this part of Chicago have wonderful restaurants, it’s also well-served by public transportation and close to many of the city’s other bustling neighborhoods.


The Chicago story says that housing prices in this part of the city are due to rise. Reese points to the recent arrival of Google as one reason why home values in the West Loop should increase.


So, what makes the West Loop so special? Reese cites such attractions as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, where you can take plenty of Pilates or dance classes, and City Winery, a small music venue with some awfully tasty wine selections.


There’s also Mary Bartelme Park, which boasts one of the city’s best playgrounds for kids, and Old St. Patrick’s Church, the oldest standing church in Chicago and home to plenty of Irish culture. If you’re hungry, restaurants like Monteverde, which serves top-notch Italian fare, and Santorini, a Greek restaurant famed for its lamb chops, will surely satisfy.


Of course, you could make an extensive list of amenities, restaurants, parks and entertainment options for so many Chicago neighborhoods. Again, that’s what makes the city so special: It is blessed by so many great communities.


If you’re looking for a home in Chicago, broaden your horizons a bit. If you look around, you might discover a hidden gem of a city neighborhood that’s perfect for you.