Plenty of Condo Units for Sale at Trump’s Chicago Tower

Looking to buy a high-end condo unit in the heart of Chicago? How about in the Trump International Hotel & Tower in River North?


According to a recent story by Chicago Magazine, more than 10 percent of the units at this high-profile building are now for sale.


Now, you might think that some buyers are shying away from the Trump Tower because they don’t like the name on the side of the building. But that’s probably not the case. According to the Chicago Magazine story, the bigger culprit might be the high number of luxury condos currently on the market in the city.


Chicago Magazine reports that 51 condos are for sale in the Trump International Hotel & Tower. That comes out to 10.5 percent of the number of residences in the building.


This isn’t necessarily bad news for the tower. As the magazine’s story says, even with a high number of units on the market, Chicago’s Trump Tower regularly nabs big sales. Earlier this year, for instance, a 6,850-square-foot penthouse unit on the tower’s 87th floor sold for the sky-high price of $9.4 million.


Interested in living here? You will have to pay. Some of the units are listed for millions of dollars. Others, though, are listed at more modest prices. Think in the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars range.


For instance, Chicago Magazine reports that a unit on the building’s 63rd floor is selling for $2.65 million, while a 2,000-square-foot unit is up for $1.9 million. If you’re on more of a budget, consider Unit 31L, selling for $950,000.


If you are looking for a condo in the center of Chicago, this is a good time. There are plenty of options, many of which are new construction.


Your best bet, of course, is to work with a Chicago REALTOR® who knows the downtown market. This professional can help you find the best condo space for your budget.