Rubloff’s Mario Greco Group Named in National Ranking of Top Real Estate Sales Agents

CHICAGO — Showing remarkable resilience in a tough market, Chicago’s Mario Greco Group of Rubloff Residential sales agents has been named among The Real Estate Top 400 Professionals of 2008. The national awards ranking is sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, REAL Trends and Lore.

The Real Estate Top 400 honors four categories of top-100 residential agents and teams: Individual Agent, Sales Volume; Individual Agent, Transaction Sides; Agent Team, Sales Volume; and Agent Team, Transaction Sides.

For its $131 million in sales for 2008, the Mario Greco Group ranked 26th in sales volume for an agent team. Despite the down economy, in 2008 the group beat its 2007 MLS volume of $112,239,179. The Mario Greco Group also ranked 88th in transaction sides for an agent team, for the 224 buyers or sellers it represented in 2008.

“It’s a nice reward for a really good year in 2008, and also for six years of hard work in this business,” Mr. Greco said of his group being included on the lists sponsored by the Journal. “It’s nice to be recognized by your peers and by a legitimate national publication.”

Mr. Greco’s staff includes 15 additional agents. “Without them, I wouldn’t have achieved what I achieved,” he said. “It’s a testament to them that in the worst market in our lifetime, we still managed to increase our sales volume.”

He credits the team’s success, and that of Rubloff as a firm, to being a reliable brand in tough times. “We didn’t do anything differently in 2008 than we did in previous years, other than concentrate even more on pricing and customer service,” Mr. Greco said. “In any bad market, in any industry, the established brands tend to get stronger.”

At an average of $5 million, sales volumes per agent are higher at Rubloff than at any other Realtor in Chicago.

Tom Horwich, the company’s co-owner, said that Rubloff provides its agents with state-of-the-art business communications and IT support. In April of 2008, Rubloff rolled out a new version of, and a new luxury-marketing program called Rubloff Residential Elite, which targets affluent buyers and sellers of luxury real estate with both print and Web advertising.

“We don’t want to be the biggest,” said Howard Weinstein, co-owner of Rubloff Residential Properties. “We simply want to be the best.”

Rubloff has been a household name in Chicago real estate since 1930, when it was founded by Arthur Rubloff. Owned by Weinstein and Horwich since 1996, Rubloff Residential Properties is one of Chicago’s most respected real estate firms. Rubloff provides real estate services to a diverse set of communities including the North Shore, Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast, the South Loop, and Michigan’s Harbor Country.

Visit Rubloff’s award-winning Web site at Rubloff. For more information on The Real Estate Top 400, visit The Wall Street Journal Top 400 Agents article.

Article Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.