Selling a Chicago Condo or Single-Family Home? Tout Those Low Utility Bills

Energy efficiency is a big deal today for Chicago homebuyers. They want to buy residences that consume as little energy each month as possible. That way, these buyers get lower monthly utility bills.

It’s important, then, for sellers to promote their home’s “green” features when listing them. And if you are selling a home that’s inexpensive to heat and cool each month, be sure to let buyers know just how small your utility bills are.

The Illinois Association of REALTORS® recently ran an interesting story highlighting just how important “green” features are to homebuyers.

According to the story, 68 percent of buyers said that energy efficient appliances were a home feature that they considered very important. An even larger percentage of buyers — 86 percent — said that heating and cooling costs were important factors in their decision to purchase a specific home.

Other buyers — 66 percent — listed energy efficient lighting as one of the features that influenced their buying choices, while 47 percent said that environmentally friendly community features played a role in their purchase decision.

Of course, for most buyers, “green” features will not be as important as a home’s location, price, number of bedrooms and condition. But if you are selling a home in one of Chicago’s popular neighborhoods, having a residence that comes with lower utility bills is yet another bonus.

And it’s a bonus that you should actively advertise in your home’s listing. Remember, you need to use every tool at your disposal if you want to sell your Chicago condominium or single-family home for the best price.