Strong credit scores? Generation Z is building them

Here’s an interesting credit score fact, one that could impact the mortgage lending business for years to come: So far, the members of Generation Z — people born after 1996 — tend to have strong credit scores. Their scores are, on average, higher than those of both Millennials and members of Generation X.


This news comes from a new study from LendingPoint. According to the company, members of Generation Z boast an average FICO credit score of 637. Millennials boast an average score of 629, while Gen X members have an average score of 632.


Of course, the members of Generation Z are young and are still building their credit. But according to researchers from LendingPoint, these younger adults are already showing a good understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a solid credit score.


Why? Researchers point to the fact that Generation Z consumers grew up during the years of the Great Recession. Many, then, watched their parents deal with financial uncertainty and rising unemployment. These young adults, then, are more cautious with their money and borrowing habits.


Consider that many of these young consumers are already embracing the benefits of budgeting and financial planning. The LendingPoint study said that 64 percent of Generation Z members told the company that they have already begun researching financial planning.


This could be good news for the housing and mortgage lending businesses. Lenders prefer working with borrowers who’ve built strong credit scores. It’s evidence that these borrowers have a history of paying their bills on time. It looks like the members of Generation Z will give borrowers plenty to work with, if the results of this recent study are to be believed.


How strong is your credit score? You want a good one so that you can qualify for mortgage loans at the lowest interest rate. If you’re worried about your score, contact us. We’d be happy to recommend a lender to you, one who can help you with the steps needed to build a strong credit score.