The “606” is Another Reason to Live in Chicago

It’s official: The “606” is a huge hit.

You’ve probably heard about it. It’s a new elevated park inspired by NYC’s High Line that runs through the Chicago communities of Bucktown, Logan Square and Humboldt Park. In all, it covers 2.7 miles. You can learn more about The 606 here.

The park was an immediate hit upon its opening day in early June. The Chicago Tribune reported that an estimated 50,000 people hit the trail, with the crowds so big that bicyclists were forced to walk their bikes.

The park is actually the former Bloomingdale train line. This train line sat abandoned after 2001, until the city purchased the land and began plans for what is known as an elevated, linear park. The point of The 606 is simple: It’s a park in the air, giving Chicago residents the opportunity to run, walk their dogs (or themselves) or bike above Chicago’s congested streets and sidewalks.

If you get a chance, I recommend visiting The 606. It really is an inspiring place. And it offers great views of Chicago neighborhoods.

But The 606 is not just good for nature lovers. It’s a positive for Chicago homeowners, too. The Chicago housing market is a strong one because the city of Chicago is a place in which people want to live. And one of the reasons people want to live here is because of all the amenities that the city offers.

Just take a quick look: Chicago’s neighborhoods offer theaters, world-class restaurants & neighborhood gems, unusual shops and plenty of night life. Residents have easy access to public transportation. There are highly-ranked colleges right in the heart of the city and its most popular neighborhoods.

The city’s green space is part of its appeal, too. Just look at how popular the city’s Millennium Park in the Loop has been since it opened in 2004. It now ranks as one of the most-visited attractions in the entire state.

So attractive, innovative parks add to the attractiveness of a city. They are part of the variety of amenities that inspire people to move here. And when more people move here? The demand for real estate in Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods continues to increase, something that helps keep housing values here strong.

So even if you’re a couch potato and you prefer rainy days to sunny ones, celebrate the popularity of The 606. It just made the Chicago housing market even stronger.