Want to Attract the Most Buyers to Your Chicago Home? Here Are Key Strategies

The Chicago housing market favors sellers today. The owners of well-priced homes across the city are attracting multiple offers today, in part because the number of condominiums and single-family homes on the market remains lower than the demand for them.

But this doesn’t mean that all Chicago homes will attract buyers. You still need to appeal to what today’s buyers want if you want to get into a multiple-offer situation. And how do you do this? The text in the online and print listing advertising your home is key. You need to highlight in these listings the most important features that buyers want today.

A recent story by U.S. News & World Report – a story in which I am quoted, by the way — highlighted what Chicago buyers are looking for in a home. You’d be wise to incorporate these hot features in your listing.

Schools matter: The U.S. News story confirms what REALTORS® already know: Schools are a key selling point for homes. If your Chicago condo or single-family home sits near a desirable school, make sure to emphasize this. Schools are important even for buyers who don’t have school-age kids; the best schools increase property values, and that’s something on which all buyers will focus.

Outdoor space is important: The story says, too, that outdoor space is an especially strong selling point in Chicago. Many Chicago homes have tiny backyards or no real outdoor space at all. If your home bucks this trend and boasts a spacious backyard or front lawn, make sure to advertise it in your listing. You will definitely attract those buyers who want some green space of their own.

The right updates: As the U.S. News story says, buyers today want homes that are in move-in condition. And they’d prefer that these homes have high-end finishes in their kitchens and bathrooms and basements that are finished. If your home has these features, notice them early and clearly in your listing copy. Again, you’ll attract more buyers if you promote these amenities.