Want to Spend Less When Buying in Chicago? Consider Rogers Park

Want to live or rent in a community that sits on Chicago’s lakeshore and that offers its own mix of diverse restaurants, shops, bars and theaters? And want to do it without spending a small fortune? Then the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park might be for you.


The Chicago Tribune recently ran a neighborhood profile of this northern neighborhood of the city. And the big takeaway? Rogers Park offers much of what buyers and renters want from neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square and Ravenswood. But it does so at a lower housing price tag.


And best of all? Rogers Park sits along the edge of Lake Michigan — near Evanston — and offers plenty of beachfront. So if your ideal Chicago day (in warmer temperatures, of course) includes time spent on a sandy beach, Rogers Park might be a good fit.


The neighborhood might not be as filled with unique spots as, say, Lincoln Park, but Rogers Park does offer a nice mix of boutique and independent shops, eclectic restaurants and bustling taverns and bookstores. As the Chicago Tribune story says, there’s always something to do in this neighborhood, but it’s not quite as expensive to own a condominium here. According to the Tribune story, during the last six months 49 attached single-family homes — usually condos — with two bedrooms were on sale in Rogers Park. These attached homes came with an average price tag of $175,038, according to the story. They stayed on the market before being sold for an average of 166 days.


Of course, you don’t have to limit your search to Rogers Park, even if you are looking to spend less while living in Chicago. One of the great things about Chicago is that offers such a wide range of neighborhoods, communities that offer something for everyone from young singles to families with children to empty nesters.


Don’t confine your home search to the best-known Chicago neighborhoods. Expand your scope, and you just might find your perfect Chicago condo or single-family home for a much more affordable price than you thought possible.