Want to buy a piece of Game of Thrones history? You can, in Chicago

Open houses aren’t always the best way to sell a home. Yes, they’ll bring in visitors. But often these visitors are just curious about a condo or single-family home and aren’t really interested in buying.

But there are times when open houses allow owners and REALTORSĀ® the chance to get creative and really set a home apart from its competitors on the market. That’s the case in Chicago, where a condo once lived in by author George R.R. Martin — the man who wrote the books that the mega-popular TV show Game of Thrones was based on — is selling for $354,900.

As part of the marketing efforts to sell this condo, the listing agent held a Game of Thrones-themed open house. Would this this attract serious buyers who are also big fans of the show and would love to own a piece of history associated with it? Or would it attract the curious who want to see what a Game of Thrones-themed open house would look like?

The open house happened after this post was written. But the odds are that it attracted both kinds of visitors. But if this unique open house draws even one potential buyer who is attracted by the Game of Thrones connection, then the open house would have done its job.

The 1,800-square-foot condo comes with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, new windows, hardwood floors and an updated kitchen. It sits at the intersection of Sheridan Road and Argyle Street.

Open houses are nice to hold. But the real key to selling a home is to set the right asking price, stage it so that it looks its absolute best and promote the property with online listings, photos and marketing materials that emphasize its top features.