West Loop Now One of the Hottest Housing Markets in Chicago

There are plenty of hot housing markets in the city of Chicago. But few are sizzling today like Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.


A recent story by the Chicago Tribune identified this city neighborhood as one of Chicago’s hottest housing markets since the end of the Great Recession.


Since 2008, according to the story, the West Loop has been one of the trendiest neighborhoods for house hunters.


What’s behind the strength of the housing market here? The Tribune story pointed to the number of restaurants, multifamily buildings and technology companies that now call the West Loop home. The influx of these trendy neighbors has attracted a steady stream of buyers who want to live an urban lifestyle.


The quest for urban living has played an important role, too. Many buyers today want to live in the hearts of city business districts. They want to live within walking distance of restaurants, shops, bars and public transportation. The West Loop offers such buyers this opportunity.


As one source quoted in the Tribune’s story says, the West Loop has the perfect mix of zoning that fosters a work-live-play community. In other words, people can live here, play here and work here, all without having to get into a car and fight city traffic.


The Tribune cites a long list of attractions in the neighborhood, including new apartment buildings with amenities that seem more appropriate for high-end resorts such as gourmet restaurants, busy bars, retail boutiques, and all an easy walk to downtown Chicago. Then there’s the myriad of public-transportation stops, too. Many of today’s urban buyers prefer hopping on the El to getting in their cars.


If you’re interested in buying a home in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, be sure to work with a Chicago REALTOR® familiar with the neighborhood. Such a REALTOR® can help you find the right home for the right price. And when demand in a neighborhood is high – as it is in the West Loop – having a REALTOR® on your side can make all the difference.