You don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter in Chicago’s housing market

Looking for a home but want something a bit different? You’re in luck: The city of Chicago still boasts several unusual, unique residences.


A recent story by Chicago Magazine offers proof. The magazine highlights four modernist homes in and around Chicago. These homes benefit from some interesting experimentation and offer floor plans that are far from cookie-cutter.


The homes won’t cost a fortune, either. One of the featured properties, at 2600 W. Jerome St. in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, is listed at just $450,000. It’s definitely unconventional, too. It features asymmetrical, off-center overhangs on its exterior and a 40-foot wraparound hand painted mural in the foyer. It also comes with an original Art Deco pink-tiled bathroom and a 1950s-style basement bar.


The duplex condo unit at 235 W. Eugenie St. in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood is listed for $469,000. This unit was designed by famed architect Harry Weese. One of the selling points is the amount of natural light this unit gets. Weese made sure to design massive windows for the space.


If you’re ready to spend more, you could shell out $1.095 million for the condo unit at 1300 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago’s River North. This luxury but out of the ordinary home comes with porthole windows and a three-story light well that offers dramatic views from all floors.


Of course, you might be in the market for a home that isn’t quite so quirky. That’s fine. The Chicago housing market is a diverse one, offering a wide range of housing styles at an equally wide range of price points. Even better, Chicago’s housing market boasts neighborhoods of all types, some perfect for singles, others suited for families and still others providing the perfect home for empty-nesters.


If you’re ready to find your Chicago dream home, make sure to work with a REALTOR® who knows the city. This professional can help you navigate the market and lead you to the perfect home for you.