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How to Choose a Chicago Neighborhood

People running and biking on Chicago's 606 Trail

People running and biking on Chicago's 606 Trail

Whether you’re moving to Chicago or are a long-time native, the vast number of neighborhoods and communities can be overwhelming to sort through. So how do you choose a Chicago neighborhood to call home? Here are a few factors to consider:

Prioritize Your Needs

Do you need a speedy commute into downtown for work? Are you looking for more space for your family? Do you crave a bustling bar and restaurant scene? Or are you looking for something more quiet? Deciding what you want —or don’t want— can help narrow down your search and eliminate areas that won’t work for you. 

Know Your Housing Options

A studio in a Loop high-rise offers a completely different lifestyle than a Logan Square two-flat. From classic Greystones, to sprawling courtyards, to refurbished timberlofts, Chicago has a vastly diverse range of residential housing, and many are specific to certain areas of town. Knowing what type of house you want may actually help you decide on a neighborhood. 

Get Inspired by Nature

Despite being a sprawling city, Chicago’s green space and proximity to Lake Michigan allow residents to connect to nature regularly. Green space and parks, biking and running trails, nature preserves on the outskirts of the city or any lakeshore community all give Chicago a completely different and distinct atmosphere. If you’re moving from 

We dive into some of Chicago’s most iconic and beloved neighborhoods on our Get to Know Chicago page, but if you’re interested in a specific community in either the city or the suburbs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Regardless of where you end up, finding a neighborhood to love and call home is an essential step in making Chicago home.