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Johny R.

As first time Investment property buyers and home owners, We were honestly very lucky to have chosen MGGroup and Real Estate Superman Peter Xantheas!! to represent us. They made the whole process so easy and stress free for us. From property hunting to inspection up until closing.
5 Star for everything, reasons are below:
– We got a detail Education on things to know, Pros and Cons of owning a property and a investment property
– Advise on Loan information, whom to contact and why, who would be better and trust me, I have worked for banks for over 10 years and I have literally designed their payment systems and websites. So I really can distinguish between good advice and bad 🙂
– We even had quizzes on everything like tuck pointing, different types of flooring etc.. so that we clearly understood what we were getting into
– Property Showings, we saw around 70 properties in 8 days any sane person will go crazy but not Peter 😀
– Buyer Showing Summary after everyday showings, this was no summary we had detailed info on each property with pros and cons and why we should choose which property.
– Peter had everything ready, he knew everything about each and every property, rental income, reserves, what maintenance work was done, age of roof, ac etc… I guess he could say the age of the cat or dog that lived in the apartment and how many times they got vaccinated 😀
– After we made an offer, we got all the referrals and people we needed to contact and they were excellent, thorough and true to their job!!!
– During closing, post closing, Peter went above and beyond and gave us detailed videos and pictures, he did an excellent job on the final walkthrough and providing details of all the nook and corners of the apartment.

We could go on, but i would just say, throughout the whole process we literally just had to reply to emails on time and arrange the money for closing everything else was spoon fed to us.

Our special thanks and deep gratitude to Peter Xantheas, for making this a breeze. He was truly exceptional and made our life much much easier. We don’t have words to describe how thankful we are to have him on our side as an Agent and as a Friend.