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Marvin E.

I began working with MG Group in April of 2019. I was referred to John D. By family members. We hit a few road blocks along the way in finding the right home. None to any fault of John.

Two years later, I reached back out to John and he introduced me to his brother Gian. Gian and I have been searching since April of 2021. In a market as hot as the one we were dealing with, Gian made this process as smooth as he could.

Throughout this process, we have toured over 20 homes and put in multiple offers. There were times where I felt that we would never find the right home. There were also times where I was ready to settle for anything. Gian was able to talk me off a ledge. His persistence and patience is unmatched!

He is so responsive that I feel like I am missing something on days I don’t speak to him. He is a pleasure to work with and very professional! Thank you Gian!