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Tim & Candace K.

We contacted Mario since he had sold other units in our homeowner’s association. We selected him over some others we interviewed for the energy he showed, his understanding of the local market, plus sensibility or openness — it seemed we could discuss things. We purchased another condo, moved out and cleaned and painted our place on his recommendation. We also had it staged, which was probably a good idea, although one can never prove it on an individual case. He convinced us to price it lower than we would have otherwise, and in the end I feel it was a wise decision. We got that price, but more importantly got a full price offer in a few days on the market. (Because of that, I cannot really rate negotiation based on our experience.) Selling quickly in a potentially changing environment (while carrying two mortgages) was a strong point for us. His staff was outstanding, being in on each visit, no matter what the issue–showing, inspection, appraisal, etc. His “concierge” was fantastic at keeping us in the loop. The closing staff and others were very attentive, even though perhaps formulaic at times. Mario pushes the time line, keeps things moving with very quick e-mail replies, all of which are logged at his group, which might stress some people, but for our sale it was appreciated and just what was needed. I would definitely recommend him as an seller’s agent.