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The best tips for selling your Chicago home

key in hands

key in hands

Selling your home takes work. But if you listen to your realtor, price your property right and do everything you can to make your home look airy and bright, you’ll significantly increase your odds of selling your residence for the best possible price and in the shortest number of days.

RealtyTimes ran an interesting story offering several tips on getting your home ready for sale.

The story includes plenty of good tips. But we would argue that the most important step of all is to set the right asking price.

You don’t want to ask too much for your home. Doing so will only turn away potential buyers. Today’s buyers won’t pay more for a home than what it is worth. They don’t care how much you paid for your Chicago condo or single-family home six years ago. They also don’t care how much you owe on your mortgage.

All today’s buyers care about is how much your home is worth in the current market.

So work with your realtor to set the right asking price, one that will attract the greatest number of possible buyers while leaving you with the best profit.

Of course, the other tips in the RealtyTimes story are important ones, too. The story recommends that you declutter your home, something that will make your residence’s rooms look bigger and more inviting. The story also recommends that you give your home a deep clean, and that you keep it clean for showings. This is true: Few things turn off buyers than messy homes.

Other tips? You should depersonalize your home. Removing personal photos, awards and other memorabilia makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves in your home. You might also consider hiring a stager who can rearrange your furniture and artwork to make your home look its absolute best.