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Homeowner Habits Everyone Should Eliminate

Cozy living room in Chicago

Cozy living room in Chicago

Whether you’re a resolution person or not, taking better care of your home, condo or apartment is a good practice to get into. With a new year comes a new chance to keep your household healthier and happier. Here are a few ideas for bad homeowner habits everyone should eliminate: 

Assuming That Cheaper Is Better

If you’re doing any sort of renovation on your space, it’s easy to opt for the cheapest option you find. But cutting corners in the short term might have a larger impact in the long term; inexpensive appliances, fixes or materials will face bigger wear and tear, even just within a few years. Know when to hunt for a good deal, but also know when a little splurging will be worth it.

Neglecting Your Filters

From your HVAC system, to your dishwasher, to your dryer; clean and replace your filters. This helps your appliances and systems last longer, and ultimately helps keep your home cleaner. Not to mention that regular maintenance for air filters can help with air quality, reducing chances for illnesses and allergies. 

Taking Long, Hot Showers

We know this one might hit hard since Chicago winters can be brutal, but hot showers over about 20 minutes can breed a lot of mildew and mold. Be sure to run the exhaust fan during your shower and open any bathroom doors immediately afterwards to let steam escape. Squeegee the walls afterwards and scrub the group often to keep things clean; dirty grout can be a big deterrent for potential future buyers!

Wearing Shoes Inside

This may be a no-brainer for city dwellers, but wearing your shoes inside is another bad habit to get rid of. Shoes can track in tons of bacteria, and if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we should place higher priority on cleanliness. Shoes can also be damaging and harmful to your hardwood floors, not to mention a potential nuisance to downstairs neighbors. House shoes or slippers are an easy, comfy swap.  

Putting a little extra love and care in your space makes a huge difference in creating a happy and healthy home. And we can all use a little more happiness and health!

Photo from 915 W. Wrightwood #1