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Your Guide to Chicago’s Northern Suburbs

Greenery and outdoor space in Chicago's northern suburbs

Greenery and outdoor space in Chicago's northern suburbs

Like every Chicago neighborhood has its own personality, Chicago suburbs are unique and well-loved by residents and homeowners. But if you’re hunting for a new place and are unfamiliar with the ‘burbs, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Thankfully, we have resident experts to help. Lehigh Cohen, Senior Sales Consultant, gives us his guide to the Northern suburbs:

Why are residents so drawn to the Northern Suburbs? What defines them compared to other larger Chicagoland neighborhoods?

The Northshore draws people for the variety of small towns, boutique neighborhoods, community and proximity to the city. And in a word, “community” defines them. Folks are drawn to a sense of nostalgia and feeling of community with neighbors, schools, commerce and social activities.

How would you advise someone who is just beginning their search in the area? What’s a good place to start?

For starters, we advise our clients to get a sense of the various towns, proximity to public transportation, schools and activities that fit their lifestyles. After touring them through the various towns, buyers can see how they “vibe” in the area, including shopping or picking up a coffee at the local café or grocery store. We also tend to explore some parks, beaches and forest preserves for outdoor activities. Once our buyers get a sense of the area, we focus them on the inventory available. After touring homes and learning more about the housing, the buyers can get a sense of whether they feel the lifestyle clicks.

What’s the best way for someone to transition from living in the city to living in the suburbs?

I tell buyers that the adjustment is very fluid. We don’t give up city life at all, just an amendment to the lifestyle. More space, more outdoor living, more community, and a 20 minute drive back to the city for your favorite sushi joint! It ain’t that bad!

Are there any notable or interesting trends you’re seeing up north?

The notable trend is the desire for more city lifestyle in the suburbs. Since the biggest struggle for new suburbanites seems to be giving up “cool” things to do and places to eat, the commercial trends are focused on bringing restaurants, bars & lounges, boutiques and specialty grocery stores to the northern suburbs. People are eating out more, dressing chic and enjoying the shore in the summertime.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood, street or spot? If so, what makes it special? 

We all appreciate the beaches, bike paths and parks in all our various towns. Now more than ever, people are gathering outside, and hanging out at the beaches during the day or night with food and beverage in tow. Others will mention Ravinia Festival for the incredible live outdoor events/concerts that will hopefully soon come back to life!

One of our newest Sales Consultants, Jesus Villanueva, will soon be joining Lehigh in Chicago’s Northern suburbs and will add even more support and expertise in the area. Stay tuned for more guides to Chicago suburbs on the Home. Made.™ Blog!