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Make the Most of Your Patio This Fall

Daytime image of a Chicago patio with furniture

Daytime image of a Chicago patio with furniture

Like every year, we hate to see Chicago summer go. But this year, it hurts a little more. Many have used the warmer weather to socialize safely in parks or on patios, but that doesn’t have to completely halt once the weather dips below 70 degrees. We know outdoor hangouts aren’t very feasible during brutal Chicago winters, but if you have an outdoor space available, there are a few ways to get more out of it. Here are some ideas to make the most of your patio this fall:

Portable Heat Options

Combat the chill of autumn with an outdoor space heater. These can vary in price and function, but there are plenty of options out there, although they might become more in-demand as we move into September. Rules around heaters may vary drastically per residence, especially in the city, so be sure to check with your management group, HOA or neighbors.

Cozy Lighting

With the sun setting earlier, your standard summer lights might not do the job anymore. Add a few more strings of lights, or add candles (artificial or real) to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Add some warm apple cider and you have the perfect fall night. 

Shelter from the Wind

We’re all familiar with Chicago’s windy weather, so prepare in advance to shield yourself and any guests from unpleasant or harsh airflow. Installing a patio awning — temporary or semi-permanent — is a great way to keep the wind at bay. Shade sails are also more inexpensive options to block the elements. 

For those interested in a bigger investment to cultivating a warm outdoor oasis, check out this recent article from The Wall Street Journal. Whether you’re ready to build a fortress of coziness or just prepared to buy a few extra blankets, we hope you stay safe and connected to your friends and family. 

Photo courtesy of 2855 N. Southport #3