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MG Group Spotlight: Kim Smith

Headshot of Kim Smith of the MG Group

Headshot of Kim Smith of the MG Group

Kim Smith, our resident Contracts & Closings Manager, discovered her interest in real estate at a young age. As she’s refined her skills and found her passion, she has guided her clients through every step of the process, building relationships that long outlast a one-time transaction. Today, Kim shares her past and perspectives in the Chicago real estate industry:

How did you get involved in the real estate business?

I was 24 when I purchased my first condo and the experience made me want to eventually start my own small business. Real estate made sense for me….I understood it well, having grown up with a real estate attorney father and often working for him over the summers during college. In 2005 I left my corporate job and never looked back! 

How long have you been at MG Group? What have you learned from your time at MG?

I joined MG Group in May 2019 and realized how much more efficient I could have been all those years with the support of a team instead of doing everything on my own.

What keeps you passionate about what you do?

Throughout the years, the majority of my business has come from referrals and repeat clients – both of which are the highest compliment. Knowing they put their trust in me with what is generally their most significant financial transaction to date is quite rewarding!

How does MG Group stand out from other teams, in the Chicago area or even nationwide? 

When I reached out to Mario, I was not considering any other team. It was either the MG Group or I would remain on my own. Over the years having worked on deals with Mario and the Group, I witnessed first-hand how seamless they operated and how no deal was too difficult to close. They always got the job done! The communication and attention to detail at the MG Group far exceeds anything I’ve encountered with any other agent or team.

Having been part of MG Group for over two years now, I see it’s even much more than that.  There is a true camaraderie within the team and everyone works together for the same goal….happy clients and successful closings!

What accomplishments are you most proud of with MG Group? 

Stepping outside of sales and into the Group’s Contracts Manager position last fall (2020). I’m grateful for the opportunity and new challenges that come with this role.

What trends are you seeing in the Chicago residential market that are most interesting these days, particularly related to how COVID-19 has affected the suburban market?

Folks are re-thinking the way they live. It seems many now have the option to work remotely on a permanent basis, thus eliminating commute time as a factor in the buying decision. For this reason, many are opting to venture to the suburbs or even remain in the city — but live further from the Loop where they can get more space. With that being said, there is still a market for urban/high rise living and downtown Chicago remains at the top of the list for many. It will be interesting to see the trends in the near future and down the road. 


We’re incredibly proud of our team of dedicated, passionate people. Stay tuned for more team member spotlights on the Home. Made.™ Blog