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Lisa E. & Steven M.

My Broker, Cyrus Seraj, came armed with many years of experience in the particular market place/type of building I was selling as during our interview he revealed he had worked for other companies I had interviewed before listing with him. I initially didn’t go him because he told me the truth about one of my properties and I felt he was wrong about it. After wasting a valuable year (timing is of the essence) trying to sell with another broker who did nothing and overpriced this particular property, I went back to Cyrus and ended up listing all my properties with him. Some of the qualities I particularly liked about Cyrus is that he is RELENTLESS when selling your property, always following up with buyers, asking what could be done to make a sale etc. You really feel someone is in your corner without risking your position. He is always innovative in his approaches or when issues arise along the way to a sale. I never, ever felt like he dropped the ball. He really cares for you, your sale and is extremely professional. I would highly recommend his services and his tight team support with the MG Group was fantastic. Everyone at MG Group always knew where your sale was, what docs were needed, what was pending, etc.