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What You Should be Doing Before and After Closing

House hunting can be an exhausting process, but the reward is always worth it once you’ve closed on your dream home. However, even after closing, there’s still some work everyone should complete before settling into your future home. Today, we’re spotlighting four things every homeowner should make sure they complete once closing on their house. 

Plan Renovations In Advance

Buying a home move-in ready isn’t always possible, so when your home does require some work, it’s consequential to begin planning in advance. Don’t wait until after closing to start talking with a professional about renovations; find a fitting contractor and try getting them in the house at a final walkthrough or during a private appointment you can start the renovation process early and hopefully finish before you officially move in. Don’t forget that your real estate agent can be your greatest resource!

Change Locks

You never know who might have a key to the house you just bought, which is why it’s always crucial to change your locks after purchasing a new home. Hiring a locksmith or even installing new locks yourself are both easy procedures that everyone should have at the top of their list while moving in. And, don’t forget to change any codes that come with doors, keypads or garages!

Update Your Address

Changing your address is probably the easiest part of moving, but it’s an aspect many of us forget. From insurance information and utilities to credit cards and driver’s license, organizing important documents and contacting anyone who needs to know your new address should be high on your list when moving in order to verify your identity and eliminate any risk of missing mail or identity theft.


Your new home’s previous owners may have left it sparkling clean, but there’s nothing worse than expecting that and walking into the opposite. The best way to always avoid this situation is by hiring a cleaning crew right after closing to ensure your new home is spotless before moving everything in. But, whether you hire a cleaning crew or do the dirty work yourself, you’ll be thankful to start life in your new home with a literal fresh start. 

While closing on a new home can be stressful, it’s an extremely rewarding process. So, don’t forget to take the time and complete the necessary tasks you need to make the process as pleasant as possible and even more gratifying!