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Your Guide to Chicago’s Best Coffee

Chicago coffee sign

Chicago coffee sign

Chicago is a city well-known for many things, and its fantastic coffee scene is certainly one of them. From neighborhood roasters to downtown cafes, there are plenty of places to get you caffeine fix. Here are just a few of our picks for Chicago’s best coffee: 


If you need a coffee source to fuel your at-home stash, Chicago has some of the most prolific roasteries in the Midwest. Start with Intelligentsia Coffee, perhaps Chicago’s best-known export. Since 1995, they’ve been building their reputation, and now most Chicagoans can’t live without their Black Cat espresso. For some adventurous brews, check out Dark Matter’s Mothership in West Town; their offbeat flavor experiments and occasional collaborations with local breweries and distilleries will bring some welcome variety into your coffee routine. And to venture off the beaten path, visit relative newcomer Metric Coffee’s West Fulton Market shop. Between their helpful staff and the tasting notes on their packaging, you’ll walk out with a bag you love. 

Coffee Shops

Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else whip you up your morning latte. Chicago’s neighborhoods are full of unique coffee spots, but we have a few favorites. Ipsento (another beloved coffee roaster) has a location right next to Chicago’s 606 trail, making it the perfect spot to grab coffee before a morning walk. Grab some Vietnamese inspired coffee and fare at Pilsen’s Cà Phê Dá. And for a good time at noon or midnight, Logan Square’s Cafe Mustache is a record-spinning coffee spot by day, music bar and venue by night. 

Especially this year, shopping local and supporting neighborhood businesses is more important than ever. So the next time you need a pick-me-up, considering stopping by one of Chicago’s many coffee spots. And with winter quickly approaching, finding your new favorite corner shop might help bring a bit of brightness to the end of your year.