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How to Make the Most of Your Home’s Space

Whether you own a 1,500-square-foot condominium or a 2,500-square-foot single-family home, you’ve probably learned to appreciate every stretch of square footage you have. However, it’s easy to fill space, so when things start becoming cramped, you should always have a few plans of action for tackling your storage issues:

Utilize Vertical Space

People often forget the vast amount of vertical space homes come with and the many ways you can utilize it for storage. In kitchens, spice racks and glass holders help remove clutter around countertops and cabinets. Magnetic knife strips and even simple wall hooks can save additional space for utensils and towels. Throughout the rest of your home, wall space can be utilized to hang bikes and store other supplies in baskets.


Although not always the first option, downsizing is a great way to remove items you don’t require anymore. If you’re unsure what to eliminate, ask yourself what you’ve utilized throughout the past year; if you’re unwilling to get rid of anything, find ways to repurpose them so they can fit other functionalities. An easy way to stay on top of this is by scheduling seasonal or monthly downsizing days. 

Find Space Savers

Space in the top of closets and under beds are areas that you can use to store off-season clothes and other items. Another way to save space is by investing in furniture holding multiple purposes; entryway benches and ottomans are great for storing extra blankets and books. 

While it’s easy to lose control over your space after getting comfortable in your home, there are endless approaches you can take to make the most of every square foot!