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MG Group Spotlight: Lehigh Cohen

Lehigh Cohen, senior sales consultant at MG Group Chicago

Lehigh Cohen, senior sales consultant at MG Group Chicago

For all things Northern Suburbs, Lehigh Cohen has acted as our resident expert for the past ten years. As a Senior Sales Consultant, Lehigh acts as a guide for those looking for a home up north, and uses his years of expertise to do the job with efficiency and enthusiasm. Today, Lehigh looks back on his time as part of our team:

How did you get involved in the real estate business?

I first started in real estate as an attorney. Working at a boutique law firm that specialized in corporate transactions and real estate matters, I found that working with developers in Chicago was rather exciting. After a few years and gaining some experience, I invested in a few condominium conversions, where I met Mario and began a working relationship with the Group. After making the move to the suburbs with my family, Mario and I hatched the idea of working together to help the Group’s city clients looking in the Northshore…and the rest is history. 

How long have you been at the MG Group? What have you learned from your time at MG?

I’ve been with the group for a DECADE! What HAVEN’T I learned?? The most critical part of working in the Group is communicating with the clients and running the operation like a big business. Some brokers out there treat real estate like a “side hustle” and the MG Group runs it like a profession. 

When I started with the MG Group, there were very few powerful teams, but over the years others have tried to follow Mario’s model with varying degrees of success and now we see many more groups forming to try to compete with groups like ours. 

What keeps you passionate about what you do?

I love the hunt and finding the perfect fit for our buyers. Moving is stressful, big life decisions are made and being that person with some answers feels very familiar to practicing as an attorney. 

How does the MG Group stand out from other teams, in the Chicago area or even nationwide? 

It is all about service. We are designed to provide spectacular concierge-level service. Our office staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Group’s agents shine. Again, this goes back to being run like a sophisticated operation, not just a sales gig. Clients may not realize it at first, but as the process goes on, they learn that a team with this level of experience makes all the difference in a stressful part of their lives. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of with the MG Group? 

Never settling and always learning, growing and striving to be better. 

What trends are you seeing in the Chicago residential market that are most interesting these days, particularly related to how COVID-19 has affected the suburban market?

COVID made those who were on the fence and thinking about moving to the suburbs within a few years move now! They want the backyard, the home office, multiple levels of living space, recreation rooms, large patios, access to the beaches on the Northshore… and it goes on and on. We’ve been waiting for city dwellers to wake up and realize the Northshore is gorgeous and yet just a few minutes away from the city. Win, win for sure! 

We’re incredibly proud of our team of dedicated, passionate people. Stay tuned for more team member spotlights on the Home. Made.™ Blog.