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MG Group Spotlight: Marisa DeLaRosa Sanchez

As a long-standing member of the MG Group, Marisa DeLaRosa Sanchez has played a critical role in shaping the vision for our Group’s marketing approach and implementation for nearly eight years. Constantly learning from the talented people that surround her, she continues to develop an appreciation for the complexities of real estate – both substantive & procedural. Today, Marisa shares her past experiences and perspectives in our latest team spotlight:  

 How did you get involved in real estate marketing? 

I was introduced to Mario in June 2014 when he was looking to add to his marketing team. I had previous experience in real estate, publications, advertising and marketing. When we met for the first time, I showed him some of the work I had done and he offered me what was supposed to be a part-time role, helping out in the Group’s existing marketing department with digital platforms and their growing website, but it slowly progressed into something that required much more commitment. And today, I’m the MG Group’s Marketing Manager. I am proud to say that the MG Group’s website has been voted the Best Agent Website by our peers 2 years running. 

 How long have you been at MG Group? What have you learned from your time at MG? 

I’ve been working with the MG Group for over seven years. The biggest thing I have learned is how to delve into and fully understand everything the Group requires. Real estate is a very niche marketing area because so much of it is specific to the property being promoted, and you’re dealing with individual agents and personalities in a collegial but high energy group setting. Whereas most marketing tends to be project-based, this requires a 24/7 commitment to be involved in every aspect of what the Group does.   

When it comes to marketing in real estate, it’s more than what traditional marketing practices include. You’re involved in all of the listings, doing admin or office-related work like putting information into the listings. When you commit to the Group, you commit to everything that real estate work entails, which is much more than marketing. So, this was a huge learning curve for me. Although I had real estate marketing experience, it was focused on creating campaigns to promote a brand; whereas this is much more “in the weeds” like finding out what the breakdown of a condo’s monthly assessment is and how to promote (or downplay) it for a property- again, not traditional marketing but I have to think about how the data we have should or shouldn’t be promoted. However, because I’m part of this talented Group, I’ve learned every aspect of what the work requires, allowing me to explore all aspects of real estate much more than I ever thought I would.  

What keeps you passionate about what you do? 

One of the things that keeps me passionate is the high level of esteem and value associated with MG Group. It’s admirable to be part of a Group that consistently outsells others locally & nationally and has an outstanding reputation in Chicago, it’s surrounding suburbs, and frankly, the entire country. If we go to events and say we’re part of the MG Group or with Mario Greco, other agents know the significance of that, and it comes with a certain level of respect due to what Mario has done and how he has built his business. So, it is nice to be a part of something so well established and a Group other agents respect.  

 In your opinion, how does MG Group stand out from other teams in the Chicago area or even nationwide? 

We have a 24/7 support system that is very different from other teams. I’ve seen other teams say they are available 24/7 when in reality, they’re not. We always have someone available to our clients, whether it’s for sales or office work, any time of the day and through weekends. I like our structure because it’s not one person who does all. Each of our “departments” allows for each person involved to know the entirety of what’s going on throughout the process, so nothing falls through the cracks. Because of our volume, it’s necessary to have a deep understanding of all of our listings and specific knowledge of how each area of the Group works, so everything runs like an assembly line. Having this atypical structure allows us to be not only efficient but also allows us to serve our clients better and faster.  

What accomplishments are you most proud of at MG Group? 

Mario has always been at the top of the real estate game. After I started, we rose to the top of the city in sales volume and have consistently remained #1 in listings sold generally & in specific several neighborhoods in the city. We have exceptional sales consultants, including Mario, who take their jobs to a different level when compared to others in our industry. So many agents do real estate on the side, don’t know how to maneuver in the market half the time, or don’t have the same level of professionalism. Because of that, real estate brokers have a negative reputation. I can’t say that about any of our agents. Our Group impresses me with the depth and breadth of their knowledge. I am consistently amazed at how our agents treat the Group’s clients – their commitment to doing what’s in the clients’ best interests and to ensure that each client has the full “MG Group experience” is inspiring. 

What trends are you seeing in the residential market that are most interesting these days? 

During the heart of the pandemic in 2020, we had to strengthen our focus on digital marketing. This involved ensuring all properties had engaging videos and 3D tours available online and investing more into creating a stronger online presence for our agents. Pre-COVID, professional listing photos and floorplans were all one really needed to get a property seen and sold.  Now, without 3D visuals, interactive floor plans, and videos — regardless of price point – a property will languish. Despite the world beginning to have semi-started to open up and go back to normal, this shift in successful marketing will stay around and the MG Group is now a market leader in this digital aspect.