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Midwest Airbnb Homes with Architectural History

The exterior of townhouses made of brink shine bright from the sun.

The Midwest is rich with architectural gems. From rural structures to urban landmarks, the Midwestern landscape has served as inspiration for numerous architects and architectural styles over centuries. Today, tourists have the opportunity to spend a few nights in architecturally significant homes thanks to websites like Airbnb. Here is your guide to several Midwestern Airbnb homes with architectural history available for your next vacation.

A living room is filled with warm light shining in from it's floor to ceiling windows.
The Schwartz House interior, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

The Schwartz House, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

The Still Bend or Bernard Schwartz House is famed Prairie-Style architect, Frank Lloyd Wright’s, realization of his 1938 “Dream House” design featured in Life Magazine. Located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a mile from Lake Michigan, the Schwartz House accommodates up to eight guests and features exposed brick interiors, wooden ceilings, and ample sunlight. 

Wright designed the house to be the perfect family home, and it is most definitely the perfect family getaway. Opening to a wide lawn, the home offers beautiful communal spaces and ample privacy. You can book your visit here. 

The Willow House, Stevensville, Michigan

Easily accessible from Chicago, the Willow House in Stevensville, Michigan, is built from wood and stone reclaimed from a rollercoaster from the historic Silver Beach Amusement Park which shuttered in 1971. 

The A-Frame cottage, located in Michigan’s wine country, is composed of cool ceramic tiles, wood shingles, and stone detailing. The interior, while true to the cottage’s historic makeup, is fresh and modern, making the house the perfect arrangement for up to six guests. Plan your stay here.

Lush greenery surrounds a lavishly built historic victorian house.
Hamilton House, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Hamilton House, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Originally built in the 1800s in the then-popular Italianate style, Hamilton House was saved by the town’s residents from being torn down in the late 1980s. 

The Italianate style derived its asymmetry, variety, and irregular floor plans from medieval Italian farmhouses and villas. The architectural style was a massive hit in mid-1800s America before going out of style.  

Today, Hamilton House is a cozy bed and breakfast and a landmark building in Whitewater. Rooms are renovated, but the house maintains its overall charm. You can book a room here.

Pullman Home, Chicago, Illinois

Designed and built by George Pullman in the 1880s, Historic Pullman was a village with distinctive row homes designed to house workers. In 1894, the historic Pullman strike took place, leading to the decline of the neighborhood.

Today, the Pullman Historic District has been revived and has obtained National, State, and City landmark status. The protected townhouses are filled with families who create a rich community and are available for rental through Airbnb for those lucky enough to nab the accommodations. 

The home offers three bedrooms, three bathrooms, updated furnishings, and remains true to its historic roots. The home is easily accessible by car or public transportation to the Chicago Loop and can be rented here.

The exterior of townhouses made of brink shine bright from the sun.
Pullman Home, Chicago, Illinois

The Eppstein House, Galesburg, Michigan

Another Frank Lloyd Wright gem, the Eppstein House bears the classic trademarks of the architect including a flat roof, neutral colors, and an emphasis on the harmony between humanity and the environment. 

The home, a mix of Wright’s famed Prairie-style and mid-century-modern architecture, sleeps four guests and has three bathrooms. Located in Galesburg, the house is in proximity to the lovely beach town of South Haven, Wrights’ Meyer May House, and the Gilmore Car Museum. You can book your visit here.