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Neighborhood Spotlight: Lakeview

Street shot of Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood

Street shot of Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood

Located on the North side of Chicago, Lakeview is the ideal mix of proximity to downtown, small businesses, local eateries, and — you guessed it — views of Lake Michigan. So what do you need to know if you want to call Lakeview home? Today, we dive into one of Chicago’s favorite neighborhoods.

A Brief History

A Chicago’s city center grew throughout the 19th century, Lakeview started out as a cluster of farming communities. In 1854, the founding of Lakeview House hotel would start creating reasons for wealthy Chicagoans to visit, primarily to escape the city’s heat and disease. The neighborhood was a resort destination until new railroad lines promoted the development of more residential land. The market for homes and apartment buildings grew, and with it came commercial and recreational spaces (including a baseball park at Clark and Addison that would later be known as Wrigley Field). Since then, Lakeview’s thriving reputation for recreation and play has attracted visitors and residents alike.   

What to Explore

Today, Lakeview includes several different smaller neighborhoods, including Lakeview East and Wrigleyville. Whether it’s catching a game at Wrigley Field or enjoying a Chicago summer at the lakefront, Lakeview is famous for its leisurely attitude and playful spirit. In a typical, non-pandemic year, expect summer street festivals, performances in the Belmont Theater District and the festive Lakeview Holiday Stroll; but despite COVID-19, the area still retains its charm and liveliness. You can check out more insider tips on Choose Chicago

What to Consider as a Resident

Because Lakeview’s smaller neighborhoods all have unique personalities, there’s a little something for everyone and a lot to love. Tight-knit community, proximity to the lake, and a reasonable commute to downtown keeps long-term and short-term residents loyal to Lakeview. There’s also a variety of housing styles and price points, from new construction condominiums to classic Chicago two-/three-flats

If you’re interested in searching for your own place in Lakeview, feel free to contact someone from our team. And stay tuned for more neighborhood spotlights on our blog!