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Spring Cleaning Tips for 2020

Photo of a minimalist bedroom with wood and linen textures

Photo of a minimalist bedroom with wood and linen textures

It’s May, which means spring has officially arrived in Chicago. Those of us who have endured winter here are thrilled, to say the least. Between the warmer weather and precautions against COVID-19, you might be inspired to be ultra-thorough in your spring cleaning this year. Here are a few reasons, ideas and resources to get you started:

The Benefits

Aside from the obvious reduction of germs and clutter, getting your home in order can actually psychologically impact you for the better. Less mess often means an increase in productivity and a boost in your mood. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it can also help alleviate reactions to dust or pet dander. Whether you’re working from home or hoping to boost your immune system, sprucing up your space can help.

Consult the Experts

Have you binge-watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Or do you cringe at the thought of clearing out your closet? Either way, there’s something to be learned from professional organizers. Practical tips and methods are a great way to learn which practices will work best for your home, especially if you’re in a smaller apartment or condo in Chicago. There are plenty of Chicago-based consultants, or free online resources to get you going.

Start Small

A complete overhaul of your condominium, apartment or home may seem overwhelming. If that’s the case, begin with either one room or a set amount of time per day. Allotting 30 minutes to a bathroom feels more manageable than dedicating an entire day to a massive cleaning project.

Ultimately, keeping a clean and tidy home throughout the year, not just during spring cleaning, can increase your happiness at home — not to mention maintaining the resale value of the space you own. And during this time of uncertainty, any time dedicated to creating a comfortable, calming and safe space is well worth the effort.