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2020 Home Design Trends

Photo of an empty interior with white walls

Photo of an empty interior with white walls

In a world dominated by HGTV and Pinterest, style weighs heavily on both buying and selling a home. And in a city like Chicago, style can even make or break a sale. But how do you differentiate between what’s just a trend and what will remain timeless? Today, we’re examining 2020 home design trends that will withstand the test of time and could actually add value to your property.

Update Your Home Tech

Transitioning your home to 2020 means bringing a fresh wave of gadgets and new technology into your space. New appliances and features for your kitchen or bathroom can transform your space into an elegant and modern oasis. For less expensive upgrades, try installing a Nest or smart lighting for added convenience. You’ll love adjusting the heat from the comfort of your couch, and odds are a future resident will too.

Stick with Neutrals

When it comes to color, neutrals will never go out of style. Don’t be afraid to play with monochromatic looks, subtle contrast or textures (think white marble backsplash next to matte white cabinets). If you do want to experiment with something bold, be sure to test samples on your wall before committing to it entirely. Need a source of inspiration? Check out these color trends for 2020.

Pay Attention to Details

Focusing on features like molding, baseboards, and hardware might seem like small details, but they can make a big difference. Fresh paint on your trim or some new cabinet knobs can transform your space and can give the appearance of a newer home. Not to mention, most small updates can be done on a tight budget.

For more 2020 home design trends and tips from local experts, check out this recent article from the Chicago Association of REALTORS® on design trends for this year.