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Your Guide to Chicago Murals

South Loop Chicago mural by Ella & Pitr, photo by Jack Kolpitcke

South Loop Chicago mural by Ella & Pitr, photo by Jack Kolpitcke

Chicago is a city full of creativity, so much so that it’s visible over the walls of buildings, businesses and sidewalks. Whether it’s a summertime stroll or a winter walk in the snow, Chicago’s eclectic mural collection is worth the treasure hunt to find them all. Here’s your guide to Chicago murals you have to check out for yourself:

Logan Square mural Courtesy of Greetings Tour
Courtesy of Greetings Tour

Greetings from Chicago

A quintessential piece of Chicago street art, Greetings from Chicago is the perfect picture spot if you want to create your own larger-than-life postcard. Located in the Logan Square neighborhood, the mural was installed in 2015 as the kick-off to Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs’ Greetings Tour. With references to the city’s architecture and beloved sports teams, the mural is a favorite for a reason.

Photo courtesy of Mile of Murals
Courtesy of Mile of Murals

Mile of Murals

In Chicago’s North side neighborhood of Rogers Park lies a stretch of beautiful murals, dubbed the Mile of Murals. Running along the CTA Red line, the murals are a community-based public art initiative that began in 2007. The original goal was to paint a full mile of murals — 19 pieces in total — in ten years. The ambitious feat is now expected to be completed by 2022, but the 14 completed paintings are certainly still worth a visit.

Photo Courtesy of Wabash Arts Corridor
Courtesy of Wabash Arts Corridor

Wabash Arts Corridor

Chicago’s South Loop has no shortage of spectacular murals, and it’s largely due to the Wabash Arts Corridor. Founded by Columbia College Chicago in 2013, WAC is the city’s “living urban canvas,” bringin accessible public art programs to the neighborhood. In a typical year, that includes visual, performing and media arts — and of course, murals. If you want to explore the neighborhood and the artwork, check out their self-guided tour map

This list only scratches the surface of an expansive network of diverse Chicago murals sprinkled around the city, but we hope it inspires you to get out and explore the beauty and inspiration our streets have to offer!

Header photo mural by Ella & Pitr, photo by Jack Kolpitcke